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~Hinode Hotel~ The Beginning

Hinode Hotel, remarkable collaboration of (東瀛遊) EGL Tours and (株式会社王宮) Okyu Company; more known as Dotonbori Hotel had its grand opening on 11 November 2017.


The Grand opening was a huge success with various media networks joining witnessing, marked a great beginning of the cooperation of two companies with the same goal and desire.

“To become the bridge between Japan and the world”


Intrigued by this devotion, EGL Tour’s CEO Mr En and Dontobori Hotel’s Managing Director Mr Hashimoto decided that it is time to revolutionize the way hotel operates in Japan.

Instead of providing a regular resting area for oversea visitors, they decided to take a step further and research into what visitors really desire and seek when they travel to Japan.
They realized that nowadays, tourism in Japan is more than just visiting temples and walking through historical streets of old Japan. It is about the experience through the services they receive during their stay in Japan.


So, as a hotel, what can we do to enhance our guests experience in Japan? We cannot assist in how guests enjoy their days out visiting various places or how they feel about a certain area they visited.
The answer lies in the space we create for our guests when they have had a long day out exploring Japan!


Here are a few snapshots of our hotel to give you an idea how Mr En and Mr Hashimoto designed the hotel in hope to enhance guests experience!


Pamphlets and discount vouchers                             Christmas Tree to create a
for further activities when                                            festive feeling to welcome
our guests aren’t sure what to do!                             all our guests!



A lobby themed with the inspiration of Kyoto’s art culture! In hope to create a comfortable resting area for our guests after a long day of exploring!



Last but not least our 24/7 FREE drink bar!!!
Great refreshment after a long journey!



There are plenty more surprisingly warm services at Hinode Hotel!

We hope that you will be interested in staying with us at this very Culturally Rich hotel! And please follow us on this blog or on Instagram for further news and updates!

Public transportation
Subyway Sakaisuji Line Ebisucyo Station 1 minutes walk from Exit No.5
JR Osaka loop line Shinimamiya Station 10 minutes walk
Nearby attractions
3 minutes walk to Tsutenkaku
3 minutes walk to Niponbashi Denden Town
From Nankai Line Namba Station directly to Kansai International Airport