Okinawa HINODE Resort Hotel

Alcohol and Ice cream

everyday 10 AM to 10 PM

To make your trip to Okinawa more enjoyable,
we provide free beer, freezing highball, Awamori
and Morinaga icecream from 10 AM every day.
Please feel free to eat as much as you like
You can also enjoy drinks and eat ice-cream before
check-in and after check-out.

To strengthen the service for post check-in customers, the use of facilities after check-out will be shortened to 12:00. Thank you for the understanding.

Daily hommemade ramen

ーThe event might end earlier if the soup runs outー

Homemade ramen with a different flavor of soup every day
beer, high-ball, wine, Japanese sake and Awamori
are provided for free.
Please take your time and enjoy your night
in Okinawa.

・Soy Sauce ramen
・Pork Bone ramen
・Salt ramen
・Miso ramen
(The contents of the ramen are subject to change.)

DIY Experience

5 PM ~ 6 PM(day changing weekly)

Make unforgettable memories
by DIYing a variety of fun unique items in
Of course, you can take your creations home
with you.

Festival experience

5 PM to 6 PM(day changing weekly)

Enjoy an authentic Japanese festival atmosphere
with shooting games, quoits and other nostalgic
Japanese games.
You can win great prizes.
Enjoy this event
together with your children, friends, and family.

Traditional Clothing Experience

5 PM to 6 PM(day changing weekly)

Take a commemorative photo of yourself
in a Yukata or traditional Ryukyu attire as a
memory of Okinawa!
The photos taken
can be made into postcards for free.
Please ask at the front desk if you wish to use
this service.

Food Culture Experience

We are holding events for you to experience Japanese food
Enjoy seasonal Japanese snacks to your heart’s desire!