Okinawa HINODE Resort Hotel

Alcohol and Ice cream

every day 10am~10pm

To make your trip to Okinawa more enjoyable,
we prepare beer, freezing highball,Awamori
and Morinaga’s icecream from 10am every day.
Please feel free to eat at your leisure.
You can use also before check-in and after check-out.

Daily hommemade ramenj

ーFinish when the soup is goneー

Hoemade ramn with a different flavor every day
beer, high-ball, wine, Japanese sake and Awamori
are provided for free.
Please take your time and enjoy the night
in Okinawa.

・soy-sauce ramen
・pork bone ramen
・salt ramen
・miso ramen
(The contents of the ramen are subject to change.)

Manufacturing Experience

5pm~5:30pm(Day of the week variation)

Why don’t you make unforgettable memories by hand
through making things in Okinawa?
Of course, you can take it home with you.

Festival experience

5pm~5:30pm(Day of the week variation)

You can enjoy the festival atmosphere at the hotel
with shooting games, can dropping, and other nostalgic Japanese games.
We also have some great prizes.
We hope that you will enjoy this event
with your children, friends, and family.

Traditional Experience

5pm~5:30pm(Day of the week variation)

Why don’t you take a commemorative photo of yourself
in a yukata Ryukyu costume as a memory of Okinawa?
The photos taken
can be made into postcards for free.
Please ask at the front desk if you wish ti use this service.

Food Culture Experience
It has been discontinued due to the corona virus.

We are holding
an event to experience Japanese food culture.
Please enojoy
Japanese snack that changes with the seasons.