Okinawa HINODE Resort Hotel

“Okinawa Hinode Hotel” operated by Okyuu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) asks you to provide personal information for accommodation, membership registration, sales activities, etc. The personal information you provide will be handled and stored with the utmost care to prevent leakage to the outside.

Basic policy

Our company will strictly comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information.
Our comapny have established internal rules regarding the handling of personal information and will comply with them.
Our copany will regularly investigate whether personal information is handled properly and provide guidance for improvement.
Our company requests the cooperation of our customers in order to achieve the purpose of protecting personal information.

Purpose of useing of personal information

Our company will use the personal information you provide for the following purposes.
Use when necessary for business regarding reservations and facility from customers.
Use for providing information that may be useful to customers (mail, e-mail, etc.).
Use for confirmation, contact, delivery, billing, questionnaire survey, etc.
Use for creating materials that do not identify individuals for marketing purposes.

Management of personal information

We will ensure the safety of the personal information we ask for by instructing and supervising internal employees and external contractors so that they will not be leaked or falsified.

Disclosure of personal information

If the customer requests disclosure, correction, or deletion, we will confirm the identity based on the procedures prescribed by the Company.

Disclosure to others

Personal information provided by customers will not be disclosed to others except in the following cases.
When prior consent / consent is obtained from the customer.
When a formal inquiry based on the law is received from a public institution such as the police or a court.
In addition, when it is serious and urgent for the customer, our company, or others

Privacy policy revision

Our “Privacy Policy” is posted on the Internet operated by our company. If there is a change in the content, it may be done without prior notice. Please check back from time to time for the latest information.