Okinawa HINODE Resort Hotel

Our breakfast venue with its elegant interior inspired by
Okinawan rocks and sand is open 24 hours a day and can be
used as a free space.

free space

Outside food is allowed at the free space outside of
breakfast hours (7:00~10:00).
You can also dine on the outdoor terrace
or by the poolside.

Okinawa Hinode’s Signature Breakfast
(Last admission 9:30)

Same day breakfast ticket prices
Children:¥1,200(under 12 years old)
Due to the renewal of our breakfast menu, we will be revising our breakfast prices effective from August 1st.

We prepare 95 different dishes and drinks everyday.
Every morning, you get to enjoy sushi, daily changing desserts
and build your own sandwiches.
Get your day off to a great start and enjoy our delicious breakfast.

〜For guests with food allergies〜
We prepare and serve foods according to Japanese food
labeling regulations (we use a checklist of the 21 items
equivalent to specified ingredients recommended for
declaration by Japanese authorities).

Okinawan staples

Our staff also prepares Okinawan staples such as champloo, okinawa soba, rafute, jimami dofu, mozuku and various desserts.
We particularly recommend sea grapes (a type of seaweed) as they contain lots of
healthy ingredients which makes them a popular choice among women especially.