Okinawa HINODE Resort Hotel

About COVID 19 infection prevention measures

We are welcoming you in a new form of hospitality by thoroughly implementing “health management,” “hygiene management,” and “avoiding crowding” so that you can use the Dotonbori Hotel Group hotels safely.

Health checks

1Staff temperature checks

Staff hand washing, gargling, alcohol disinfection

All staff (permanent employees, part-time workers, part-time workers) working at the hotel will only start their shift if they don’t show any symptoms of COVID-19. All staff members measure their body temperature before and after their shift. If anyone is found to have a body temperature of 37.5° C or higher, they will immediately leave the hotel and get a medical examination.

2Staff hand washing, gargling, alcohol disinfection

We thoroughly wash and disinfect our hands and gargle before and after every shift.

Hygiene Management

1Installation of etiquette board (transparent acrylic board) at the front desk

Disinfection of in-house facilities, guest room facilities and equipment

We have installed an “etiquette board” (transparent acrylic board) at the front desk to reduce the probability of viral spreading.

2Disinfection of on-site facilities, guest room facilities and equipment

In addition to our usual cleaning schedule, we carry out alcohol disinfection of guest room equipment (key cards, refrigerators, remote controls, doorknobs, handrails, etc.), elevator buttons, restrooms, and shared spaces. We also frequently disinfect the front desk, writing utensils, etc.

3All staff wear masks

Avoiding crowds

Efforts to avoid enclosed spaces

Regular lobby ventilation

Periodically, the door at the back of the building on the opposite side of the entrance door is opened to allow air to pass through. If it’s hot or cold outside, we will adjust the air conditioner or provide blankets. Please feel free to let us know if the you’re hot or cold.

Ventilation of guest rooms before check-in

In addition to ventilating the guest rooms before check-in, we ask you to regularly air out your room during your stay.

Efforts to avoid crowding

>Dedicated waiting position in front of front desk

Waiting positions are indicated on the floor to ensure a save distance between guests during busy hours such as during check-in and check-out.

Spaced out front desk positions

The reception counters are spaced further apart keep a certain distance to the other guests.

Spaced out seats

Seats at the breakfast venue as well as the shared spaces are spaced out in order to keep a certain distance from other guests.

Efforts to avoid physical closeness

Temporary suspension of guidance or massage services in guest rooms

We are unable to enter guest rooms for any kind of guidance. In addition, the bookable indoor massage service is also suspended.

Our staff will continue to take measures against COVID-19 so you can use our hotel safely and will welcome you with a smile on our face that can be conveyed even if we are wearing a mask.