Osaka Hinode Hotel

GRAND OPEN! 2017.11.22

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The 3rd branch of the hotel which conveys the culture and hospitality of Japan will be opened

We want people from around the world to like Japan. Memories of Japan for customers from around the world that are fun, fresh and filled with surprises and emotion. We are currently polishing our service to impress our customers and making preparations to become a hotel that will be memorable to them. We will make every effort to realize what we envision as the ideal "hospitality hotel". We look forward to the day when we can see you.

osaka hinode hotel

Okyu Co., Ltd.
Senior Managing Director
Mingen Hashimoto


A bridge between Japan and the world

We want to become a bridge between Japan and the world by helping people around the world like Japan.
All of the employees will make our most sincere efforts.


Japanese cultural experience events

At "Hinode Hotel" we conduct different Japanese culture experience events every day to help foreign guests enjoy Japan. Please look forward to them.

  • 日本文化体験イベント
  • 日本文化体験イベント

Hospitality with free services

International phone calls, PCs, baby strollers, bicycles, etc. We provide over 20 free services to give customers what they "wish they could have".

  • 無料サービスでおもてなし
  • 無料サービスでおもてなし

Japanese and Western Style Buffet

A delicious eating experience for our guests from overseas. We offer a buffet featuring “Japanese cuisine”, which is a registered UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage as well as a wide variety of Western cuisine.

  • 日本の朝ごはん


1-2-10 Ebisunishi, Naniwa-ku, Ōsaka-shi TEL.+81-6-7777-9789